In the shadow of the Ducal Castle of Sordello da Goito overlooking the historic old town of Palena and the wonderful scenery of the Teatro Comunale Aventino named after Ettore Maria Margadonna, Palena Film Award will be staged on for the sixth time, reserved to short films and videoclips and dedicated to Perry Como and to the same Ettore Maria Margadonna.
An event that is well situated in the cultural view of the AUGUST IN PALENA, which has always attracted thousands of people who have been following, with great freedom of movement, the hours of projection of short films of different authors who have sent their works also from other continents in the pole of the Alto Aventino.
The award has already been reported both national and international, thanks to the wide dissemination and promotion done with all the media (television, radio, internet, newspapers, etc..).
This event, therefore, is a way to bring contemporary art in Palena, a path that the Associazione Culturale Palenese has been pursuing for over ten years and, at least, judging by crowd, won the approval of the local population and many tourists and lovers of movies who see on this date a cornerstone of several film festivals that take place annually in Italy.
For our Associazione Culturale Palenese the short form is the hermetic art of cinema: a discipline both in the cultural sense of the term, both in the visual sense.
It has influenced our perception of the world, the local environment and other areas, and has stimulated our senses to a more fervent participation of criticism and sheer vision, especially placing well as contemporary art, almost in a challenge between short stories, images, and any scenic natural environment, language and background music well summarized and limited to essentials.
Promotion of culture and, therefore, increasing of tourism and local economy.
For this reason the Palena Film Award is dedicated to two illustrious sons of the country, which with their art have honored the entire Abruzzo and Italy in the world:

- Ettore Maria Margadonna, the great protagonist of cinema both before and after the war, as a writer of numerous hit films (in particular for the successful series of "Pane Amore e..."). His work and research on cinema are a great treasure and study material for industry experts till today. It's hardly necessary to remember also his writing of fiction (especially “Dio semina gli uomini”, recently re-released by the publisher "Majell") and economic studies, as well as his art as a journalist.
- Perry Como, singer, whose parents were born in Palena and were forced to emigrate to the United States, where at the same Canonsbourg crooner was born. On his voice rivers of ink ran, all exciting its particular warm and enveloping timbre, made of melodious music and rhythmic songs. The real inhabitants of Palena fondly remember his participation in the TV show "Il Musichiere", when for the first time the name of Palena (made by Perry with great pride) resounded throughout Italy (then the television was only that of the State). It has for many years held the record for highest number of records sold worldwide.
His songs were a comfort to American troops who fought in several fronts of World War II.
It’s with great satisfaction that the Associazione Culturale Palenese recorded that the number of short films in competition has grown exponentially in the last two editions of the award, thanks to the active involvement of the media partners and social networks.
For the future programs are designed to involve major national sponsors and increase the participation of videoclips, for which a category was introduced in 2012.

The competition this year is also free registration and contest rules and the entry form can be downloaded here.

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