The Palena Film Award is supported by local agencies and foundations (Regione Abruzzo, Provincia di Chieti, Comune di Palena, Comunità Montana Aventino Medio Sangro, Abruzzo Promozione Turismo, Sistema Museale Provincia di Chieti, Fondazione Carichieti) and private sponsors (the list is available in the section on the home page).

However, being a manifestation still young and with growth ambitions, the Award also needs the support of movie fans who have come out of these web pages.

At the moment those who want will be able to support the project in the following ways:

with postal account

    payable to:
    Associazione Culturale Palenese

    postal c/ n:

    iban no:

    bic/swift n:

    send it to:
    Associazione Culturale Palenese
    Via Trento e Trieste, 1
    66017 Palena (CH)

with paypal

Sure of your own contribution to the initiative, Palena Cultural Association thanks you in advance.








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